About Us

Hello there,

We are Iku Ono and we do custom anime inspired shoes and clothing. 

Just like you, we love anime. We watched it as a kid, continue to watched it as an adult and will be watching it in our old age (need anime theme aged care!). Some called it an (healthy) obsession. We called it love!

How it got started

One day, our founder have a spark of inspiration and created an awesome design and he thought why don't I put this on a pair of sneakers.

(This is not what happened. It's more like, I'm bored during lock down so let's do something fun and start a new business with anime as the theme)

Who designed our shoes?

Not our founder, he can't even draw a stickman. Our shoes are designed by an awesome designer from Brazil. You can check him out on his instagram.

What's your vision?

We just want to make cool looking products that shows our love for anime. If you love what we do, show your love on our social media page.


Hugs for all,

Iko Ono team.