Shipping FAQ:

Where do you ship your product from?

 Our shoes are made to order, we are currently manufacturing them in China and shipped it via Airmail.

Why don't you have them in stock and ready to be shipped?

 As a small business, it's difficult for us to pre-made the shoes and have them ready. As the business grow, this is something we will do but at this stage, we are not ready just yet.

Which country do you shipped to?

 Our main focus is the Australian market as we are an Australian business. However, we do have the option of shipping to North America (USA and Canada) and Europe (Western European like France, Germany, Italy etc). If your country is not listed, please contact us and we will see what we can do.

How long does it takes to get to Australia, USA or Europe?

 Shipping time is tricky at the moment due to Covid. It takes approximately 10 to 16 business days to arrived in Australia, USA or Europe.

How long does it takes from order date to delivery date?

 As the shoes are made to order, you need to factor in another 7-10 days on top of the delivery time above. All up, it takes about 3-4 weeks from order date to delivery date.

Can I get them faster? I can't wait...

 Yes, we do have the option of shipping them via Fedex. Generally, it takes 7 business days for Fedex to arrived. 

Can I track my shipment?

 Yes, we will provide a tracking number once the shoes has been shipped. 

Do I need to pay any taxes/levies on arrival?

 We have shipped to all the destinations above and so far there are no taxes/levies incurred. 

What if they are damaged or lost during shipping?

 If your shoes arrived damaged or lost in transit. Please contact us, we will either refund or make another pair for you.